Services We Provide

'Boston Limousine' is the best provider of luxury transportation services.
Whether you need to go to the airport, just need a taxi or going to arrange a great party
we are at your needs to guarantee safe and comfortable trip. 'Boston Limousine' always strives
for perfection, so that we will do everything to please even the most exacting client.

Airport Transfers

If you don’t like to visit airports, if this place is some kind of inconvenience for you, make a pleasant thing for yourself and call “Boston Limousine”.

Our experience can guarantee you timely service and the most comfortable transportation conditions. Our chauffeurs will do anything to make you feel great. “Boston Limousine” is a service you will go back to!

Corporate Meetings / Trips

Doing business is one of the most important parts of modern life, you have to look presentable and feel confident to have a success and “Boston Limousine” will help you in this issue.

You don’t need to ride in over-crowded bus anymore, with “Boston Limousine” your mind is free to concentrate on more important matters like doing business and communication with your strategic partners.

Theatres and Restaurants

It is very difficult to relax in modern pace of life, we are always in a hurry and don’t have time for ourselves but sometimes we need to slow down, take a rest and look around.

Arrange a beautiful evening for yourself and your friends, visit favorite restaurant or play in the theatre and we will accompany you from the moment we arrive at your doorstep to your destination.

Shopping Trips

Shopping trip is a great way to relax and get new emotions and new things of course. Let “Boston Limousine” make a great shopping day for you! We promise to visit the greatest and biggest shopping malls and amuse you in any possible way.

Our chauffeurs are always on hand to help you with shopping bags and our cars have enough space to accommodate the biggest ones.

Sightseeing Tours

It is always interesting to visit new places or even places you know for ages, so we propose you sightseeing tours around native city or other regions.

Whether you would like to choose the way by yourself or trust us this matter we won’t get you into trouble, our chauffeurs are incredibly knowledgeable and interesting tellers so you won’t be bored.


Let us help you to make your wedding day happier and brighter! Our professional drivers can take care of all your travel arrangements, including bride’s car, and transporting the entire family.

We can organize everything: any limousine, any decoration, everything to your taste, you have to choose only. Nothing can be more expensive than smiles on faces of newly married couple, so trust us your special day!

Sporting Events

Nowadays we can’t imagine modern life without sporting events, we visit such ones on weekends and feel much better when our team wins so let’s support favorite sporting team together!

We provide professional sporting event transportation services, we will pick you up wherever you need and arrange you programme of action you deserve on weekend.


If you are planning some birthday party, bachelor’s party or just funny evening with your friends we’ll be your partners in this business. Any night club or any restaurant you want to visit will be at your services 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We can provide you any car for any occasion, we’ll pick you up anywhere you want and make a prom around all hot spots. Are you ready for party? Let’s make it crazy!